AMADA Punch Press Tooling

As the global market leader in the manufacture of punch press tooling, Amada can call upon 40 years of experience. With over 30,000 punch press machines in operation worldwide, our experience and close working relationships with our customers ensures continual product development to meet business needs.

To complement our latest high performance all-electric machines, Amada’s innovative tooling design incorporates our unique Power Vacuum dies eliminating ‘slug-ups’, close pitch contouring for laser quality edge finish and high speed progressive forming to eliminate secondary processes.

Amada’s comprehensive punch press tooling range that includes features such as Airblow, APH (Amada Powder High Speed Steel), quick adjustment NEX Canisters and Alpha guides, are the bench mark for performance and cost.

Both thick and thin turret tooling is available to ensure you have the complete one-stop shop solution.

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