AMADA Press Brake Tooling

Amada has been the leader in the production of precision press brakes for over 40 years and have installed more than 80,000 machines worldwide. The knowledge gained from this experience has confirmed our conviction that the use of superior tooling ensures optimum performance each and every time the press brake is used. Using Amada press brake tooling guarantees you the edge in productivity.

Amada press brake tooling is through hardened. Our patented Amanit® process combines optimum surface hardness, lubricity and grinding to the highest tolerances in the industry. These manufacturing processes not only ensure that the tooling provides optimum press brake performance, but also maximises tool durability and component accuracy far better than that offered by conventional press brake tooling.

Combined with Amada’s ‘one-stroke’ tooling our highly accurate press brakes allow for multi-stage bending, utilising different profiles simultaneously thereby reducing tool setting time and increasing productivity and profitability.

Amada’s comprehensive range of ‘off-the-shelf’ tooling is designed for use on all press brake machines and is also compatible with most other manufacturers press brakes.

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