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Eliminate Errors with In-Process Inspection
Machine Type : Other

The AMADA FabriVISION takes seconds to scan a sheet metal part into a digital drawing or to compare every measurement to the CAD drawing. Saving time and money whilst ensuring part quality and accuracy.

  • First article inspection 
  • Reverse engineering
  • SPC and quality reporting
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Visual verification of formed features
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First Article Inspection
  • Compare every measurement to CAD drawing
Reverse Engineering
  • Scan saves in DXF format
Visual Verification
  • Formed features projected onto part
SPC and Quality Reporting
  • Generate reports using inspection data
Easy to Use and Maintain
  • Virtually maintenance free
MODEL FabriVISION Laser FVL-HD-3030FabriVISION Laser FVL-HD4848
Scanning Accuracy (mm)+0.05+0.05
Max. Part Thickness (mm)200200
Max. Part Weight (kg)9090
Maximum Scan Zone (mm)760 x 7601220 x 1220
Oversized PartAuto alignment allows parts of unlimited lengthAuto alignment allows parts of unlimited length
Operating Environment 10 (mm)1575 x 1220 x 25402007 x 1651 x 2540
Laser Device & OutputLaser diode device with maximum 4.5 mW outputLaser diode device with maximum 4.5 mW output
Standard Features

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