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AMADA ENSIS-AJ 9 kW Fibre Laser

Fibre Laser Cutting with Expanded Capabilities
Machine Type : Laser
The ENSIS-AJ 9 kW uses Variable Beam Control technology and introduces AMADA’s Auto Collimation system, to provide unrivalled beam spot control - this allows very high speed piercing, fast cutting rates and vastly improved bevel angles on thicker materials.

Utilising a single lens for the entire range of materials and thicknesses reduces machine setup and avoids potential mistakes, providing higher productivity and therefore higher profitability. A high capacity automatic nozzle changer and the simple, intuitive AMNC 3i numerical control are further features ensuring machine setup is reduced to a minimum.
  • Extended range of  cutting capability without the need to change lenses.
  • Much shorter piercing & faster cutting speeds – 1 second pierce on 25mm mild steel.
  • Auto Collimation unit optimises focus position and diameter of the laser beam
  • Reduced energy consumption and thermal effects by adapting the beam properties.
  • Ease of operation – intuitive AMNC 3i controller, nozzle changer & large front and side access sliding doors.

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Reliable Production
  • Reduced servicing and maintenance - no internal mirrors, turbo blower or laser gas
  • ECO Cut – 38% higher processing speeds with smaller nozzles
  • Reduced processing times and up to 45% less assist gas usage
  • Dust air blow - continuously blows a blade of air across the underside of the sheet to remove dust and reduce secondary operations
Easy Operation
  • New AMNC 3i touch screen control
  • Cut thin-to-thick material without lens change
  • Front and side access slide opening doors
Excellent Cut Quality
  • Variable Beam Technology to suit material/thickness
  • Fibre engine developed by AMADA
  • Auto Collimation unit for precisely controlling beam spot size and focus position
  • Wider cut kerf on thicker materials ensures easy part removal
  • WACS II (Water Assisted Cutting System) for stable processing of thick materials
Increased Cutting Range
  • A fusion of fibre and CO2 laser cutting benefits
  • Capable of cutting copper, brass and titanium
Fast & Easy Part Processing
  • Bar code reader – fast program loading
  • VPSS 3i software solution pack
  • Production Designer – process 2D/3D files quickly and accurately
  • 3i BlankCAM – fully automatic programming and nesting
Fast & Precise Material Processing
  • Rapid feed rates: 170m/min combined- the fastest in class
  • Lightweight Y-axis carriage
  • Lower centre of gravity allowing higher speeds
  • High torque motor drive which allows for faster and more precise material processing
  • X-direction scrap conveyor for easy scrap and small part unload at the front of the machine
Reliable Automated Operation
  • Proven sheet load/unload automation options
  • Automatic 16 station nozzle changer
  • Automatic pierce monitoring
Axis travel method:
- X & Y axesHelical rackHelical rack
- Z axisBall screwBall screw
Axis control methodX, Y, Z axes (three axes controlled simultaneously) + B axisX, Y, Z axes (three axes controlled simultaneously) + B axis
Axis travel distance (mm)(X) 3070 x (Y) 1550 x (Z) 100(X) 4070 x (Y) 2050 x (Z) 100
Maximum processing dimensions (mm)(X) 3070 x (Y) 1550 x (Z) 100(X) 4070 x (Y) 2050 x (Z) 100
Rapid feed rate: Combination X/Y (m/min)170170
Repeatable positioning accuracy (mm)±0.01±0.01
Processing feed rate, XxY (m/min)(0 ~ 120) x (0 ~ 120)(0 ~ 120) x (0 ~ 120)
Least input increment (mm)0.0010.001
Maximum material mass (kg)9201570
Processing surface height (mm)940940
- Mild Steel (mm)2525
- Stainless Steel (mm)2525
- Aluminium (mm)2525
- Brass (mm)1818
- Copper (mm)1212
- Titanium (mm)1515
Maximum thickness value depends on material quality and environmental conditions==
Standard Features
  • Integrated AMADA fibre laser engine
  • Variable Beam Control unit
  • Auto Collimation unit
  • Automatic nozzle changer - 16 station
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Automatic cutting head calibration
  • ECO Cut for thicker mild steel
  • WACS II - Water Assisted Cutting System (CoolingCut)
  • Pierce monitoring system
  • Contact free HS cutting head
  • Front and side access
  • High-pressure nitrogen cutting (CleanCut)
  • Oil shot function
  • Dust air blow system
  • X-axis scrap conveyor
  • Compressed air cutting
  • Aluminium cutting (AluCut)
  • Automatic gas pressure control
  • Automatic pallet changer with shuttle table
  • AMNC 3i touch screen control
  • Integrated air purge unit
  • Dust extractor
  • Chiller

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