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AMADA EG Electric Ergonomic Press Brake

Compact, Precise Electric Ergonomic
Machine Type : Bending
The compact EG is the world’s first electric dual servo drive press brake and advances AMADA’s new range of ergonomic press brakes. Building upon the success of AMADA’s market leading hydraulic and hybrid press brakes, the HFE and HG, the EG-4010 focuses upon accuracy, efficiency and ergonomics. 

ELECTRIC: The Patented Dual Servo Press (DSP) drive system revolutionises electric press brake technology offering very high accuracy and speed alongside reduced running costs, with savings from both power and maintenance costs.  

ERGONOMICS: The operator is at the centre of the EG-4010.  The solution offers the operator an efficient and comfortable work station. As a result fatigue is reduced, allowing quality and productivity to remain high throughout the day.

INDUSTRY 4.0 EQUIPPED: Fitted with an AMNC 3i controller, the EG can be easily programmed from the office to maximise part output. Coupled with barcode program loading, 3D visualisation and tool setup aids, ease of use is ensured. 

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Modern Electric Drive
  • Dual servo motors (DSP) offering high speed approach and high pressure bending
  • Very high positioning accuracy of 0.001 mm
  • Energy saving over all machine types, motor power just 5.3 kW
  • Reduced maintenance costs – no oil
Ergonomic Design
  • Seated or standing operation
  • Adjustable NC control – left or right positioning
  • Adjustable front work table, chair and foot rest
  • LED lighting kit – front/rear
  • High visibility gold back gauge finger
User Friendly
  • AMNC 3i controller with 3D visualisation
  • VPSS 3i offline programming compatible
  • Detailed tool setup display
  • BendNavi - DXF import compatible controller
Fast Setup
  • Flexible L-shift backgauge with 0.003 mm accuracy–independent finger control
  • SGRIP clamping - vertical tool load / unload
  • ToolNavi – tool position indication function
  • AKAS laser safety system with automatic height adjustment
  • Wireless DIGIPRO angle measurement accessory
High Speed Operation
  • 220 mm/s approach/return speed
  • 25 mm/s maximum bend speed*
  • * Bending speed dependent on V width, maximum 35 tons.
Press Capacity (kN)400
Bend Length (mm)1050
Open Height (mm)420
Stroke Length (mm)150
Max Backgauge (mm)600
Number of Controlled Axis8
Beam Approach Speed (mm/s)220
Beam Return Speed (mm/s)220
Bending Speed (mm/s)25*
Motor Power (kW)5.3
Oil Requirement (L)0
* Bending speed dependent on V width, maximum 35 tons.
Standard Features
  • DSP electric drives
  • High speed multi-axis
  • Operator focused ergonomics
  • AMNC 3i offline 3D programming compatible control
  • L-shift back gauge with gold fingers
  • SGRIP vertical load/unload tool clamping
  • Wireless DIGIPRO angle measurement
  • Network ready

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