Laser from AMADA

From the Quattro to the new AJ Fibre Laser, Amada offers a wide range of machines to suit your company’s needs. The fibre laser is capable of cut speeds of 80m/min and can cut a wide range of material including copper, titanium and brass.
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Flat Sheet and Tube/Profile Cutting Possibilities
Fibre Laser Cutting with Expanded Capabilities
Fibre Laser Cutting with Expanded Capabilities
Cutting Edge 4 kW or 2 kW Fibre Laser
Productive & Efficient 2kW Fibre Laser
Improved Performance and Features for Increased Profitability
The Ultimate Process Integration Solution
3 Axis Linear Drive Laser
Versatile Laser Production
Large Format Versatile Laser Production
Versatile Tube Cutting Laser
A New Benchmark for Performance & Price
Higher Productivity, More Features, Greater Ease of Use
High Performance Hybrid Laser
Compact Design Laser