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News Article - AMADA June Exhibition

UNIQUE, VERSATILE TECHNOLOGY | 18th - 20th June 2019 | AMADA Technical Centre Kidderminster. Join us!

On show:


ENSIS-3015RI - Flat Sheet, Tube & Profile Cutting Possibilities

ENSIS-3015AJ 9 kW - Fibre Laser Cutting with Expanded Capabilities

LCG-4020AJ - Larger Format, Powerful Thin Material Processing  

EML-2515AJ - Integrated Punch/Fibre Laser Combination Machine

BENDING TECHNOLOGY - Maximum Flexibility and Cost-Effective Productivity

EG-4010 - The Future of Bending - Compact, Precise, Electric & Ergonomic

HFE-1003M2 & HFE-5012M2 - Market Leading Press Brake Technology

HG-1003ATC & HG-2204ATC - Ideal Solution for Variable Lot Sizes and Complex Tool Layouts

HFE3i-1003L - Advanced Bending Solutions with 3D Control

PUNCH PRESS TECHNOLOGY - Comprehensive Range of Extremely Versatile Machines

EMZ-3612MII - High Speed, Twin Servo-Drive Electric Punch Press

AE-255NT - Compact, Eco-Friendly Servo-Drive Electric Punch Press


V-factory: The Ultimate Connection of Working Processes

Monitor your Machines ANYTIME, ANYWHERE 

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Also available on this exhibition: 

AMADA's range of Punch and Press Brake TOOLING. From standard to bespoke solutions, our experts can advise on all processing requirements.

We look forward to welcome you to the exhibition! 

To confirm your attendance, follow our EVENT REGISTRATION.