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News Article - Grand opening of the new AMADA industrial site In Charleville Mézières

As a world leader in sheet metal working machines, AMADA reaffirms its position in France and its desire to develop its production and sales activities in Europe. It was in the presence of the CEO of the group that the inauguration ceremony of the renovated and expanded plant of Charleville Mézières took place on June 2. Modernization, automation and extension work that strengthen the production capacity and make this plant the Group's new European machine storage center. All these changes highlight AMADA as a global machine producer with a local manufacturing base in Europe.

AMADA, the Japanese group established in France for more than 30 years, made  the announcement in September 2013 and in June 2017 the results can be seen. The Japanese group has already made an investment of 28.5 million euros in France out of a total of 40 million by the end of 2018. The last round planned for the Charleville Mézières site, worth 13 million euros, has just been completed. The inauguration ceremony of the new industrial site in Charleville Mézières took place on June 2, in the presence of Mitsuo Okamoto, Chairman and CEO of the group and numerous institutional representatives, including the Ambassador of Japan to France.

As a specialist in the manufacture of laser cutting and punching machines, recent investments have made it possible to extend the manufacturing of fibre laser cutting machines of the latest generation, to start the robotic folding cell integration business and to make this site a key logistics centre for the Group in Europe. An ambitious industrial plan with the construction of 13,000m2 of industrial and office space, the renovation of 8,000 m2 of premises built in the 70s and the creation of 13,000m2 of roadway and parking lots. The site thus extends over 101,000m2 of land and comprises 25,000m2 of industrial buildings and 3000m2 of social offices and premises.

Developing and optimizing activities in Europe and consolidating its involvement with France is the Group's motto. AMADA has invested in its production tool, always with a view to improving ergonomics and productivity. The acquisition of a more efficient machining centre and the integration of robotics in the blasting and welding processes of the frames is a remarkable example. The new assembly hall has been expanded and modernized to incorporate Japanese standards and the storage hall now allows the dispatch of machines directly to AMADA customers, thus reducing costs and delays.

Finally, 20 jobs have been created over the last three years. Good news also came to greet many local elected representatives to reaffirm their commitment alongside a Group that invests and creates employment in France.