AMADA Environmental

Amada Group Environmental Declaration

Amada Group aggressively promotes environmental activities to its management in order to realise sustainable development of its business and society.

Amada will help to build a bright and prosperous future for people around the world by optimally utilising the engineering capabilities we have cultivated, and by providing environmentally-friendly, energy-saving products as a general manufacturer of metalworking machinery.

Amada Group aspires to become a business enterprise to link with customers, society and the world through eco-conscious manufacturing.


Producing eco-friendly machines at an eco-friendly business establishment

All Amada Group's operations are carried out with the aim of achieving optimal compatibility between environmental preservation and business activities through promotion of energy and resource saving initiatives.


Our eco-friendly merchandise assists customers to manufacture eco-friendly products

Amada Group's eco-friendly products enable customers to manufacture energy saving and highly efficient products at their plants.


Creating eco-friendly environments at customers' plants

Amada Group contributes to the creation of eco-friendly environments at customers' plants by utilising its accumulated environmental know-how.


Amada Group has achieved ISO 14001 accreditation.